George Daniel


George Daniel has been chasing anything that swims with his fly rod since age 6 and still has the same passion 37 years later. He has competed at a high level for Fly Fishing Team USA, earning individual back to back US National Fly Fishing Championship titles and ranked as high as 5th in the World. George has also served as captain for Fly Fishing Team USA and Coach for the US Youth Fly Fishing Team. He has competed and won other regional and national fly fishing competitions over the years. At age 30, George decided to give up competitive fly fishing and focus on what he enjoys most-teaching.

George considers himself a teacher first and a fly fisher second. He has authored three best-selling fly fishing books and has authored dozens of articles for national fly fishing publications, including Fly Fisherman Magazine. He continues to travel the county conducting lessons and workshops for private groups, corporations, and conservation organizations. In 2022, George decided to come back to coach the US Youth Fly Fishing Team. He’s a brand ambassador for a number of fly fishing companies. He is currently the Director of the Joe Humphreys Fly Fishing Program at the Pennsylvania State University. George currently lives on an old farm homestead with his wife, two children, and a Boykin spaniel.

Some of George’s accomplishments include:

  • Two Time US National Fly Fishing Champion-Individual
  • Multiple US National Fly Fishing Medalist-Team
  • Ranked 5th in World Fly Fishing Championships-Individual
  • Versus Fly Fishing Master Competition Champion-Team
  • Best Selling Fly Fishing Author