Exhibitor Information

Exhibit at the Expo

3,800+ Attendees

During the 2022 Expo we had over 3,800 attendees during the two-day show.

Media Coverage

In past years The Expo has been featured on TV (Fox 2 News, WDIV Channel 2, Michigan Out of Doors TV) and in newspapers (Detroit Free Press, Toledo Blade). Our intentions ae to o the same for the 2022 Expo.

Engaging Events

A great lineup of headliners, tiers and kids events are targeted to bring people into the event. 

Your Booth

All booths are 10′ x 10′ and include free standard Wi-Fi, provided by the venue. Each booth includes an 8’ skirted table, two chairs, and access to electricity. A dedicated internet drop is an additional $75

  • Standard: $500
  • Corner: $600
  • Non-Profit Organization: $250

Booth Size

Floor Area

Your floor area is 10′ x 10′ square, with 12′ aisles. The aisles have become more congested each year, so it is imperative that you maintain the 10’ front to rear and side to side dimensions of your booth. We will have the aisles clearly marked and ask that vendors cooperate in staying within their booth space for the weekend.

Side Walls

The side walls of your booth may not extend more that 4 feet from the back of the booth. If your booth walls will exceed this limit, you must obtain written permission in advance from the Expo team. Please submit your request as early as possible so we can accommodate you! We place booths with longer walls next to each other, to improve visibility for booths without walls. If you arrive at the Expo without advance permission for your wall length, you will be asked to remove them.


If you have any questions about layout or your booth location, please contact the Expo team. If you have a desire to move, please indicate that you’d like to change, and where you’d like to be. We can let you know what’s available and see what we can do to place you where you’d like to be located for the weekend.

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Exhibitor Applications

Please submit your contract and payment to the Expo team no later than December 1st. Send all forms to MidwestFFExpo@outlook.com 

Returning Exhibitor

Please fill out your contract and return with payment and a copy of your business card to reserve your booth. Your contract and payment are due no later than December 1st. We encourage you to return your payment and contract early to guarantee your booth space. If you cannot make the show this year, please let us know as soon as possible.

New Exhibitor

If you did not attend last years’ show, please fill out the New Exhibitor Application Form and return it to the Expo team by December 1st. If you are selected, you will be sent a contract by the Expo team.

Non-Profit Exhibitor

A limited number of booths have been reserved for non-profit exhibitors at a discounted rate, with a limit of two (2) booths per organization. If discounted booths are no longer available, you can apply for a booth at regular cost. To apply for the non-profit discount, please submit your application by December 1st.

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Host Hotel 

The Michigan Fly Fishing Club has negotiated a reduced show rate of $90 a room at the Roseville Holiday Inn Express for March 11 & 12, 2023.

  • Calling for a reservation – call 586.204.1000.  The group code is MFF.
  • Booking your room online – please click HERE.

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Map to Venue and Holiday Inn Express