Saturday Demos and Seminars

Last updated 3/5/2023
Note: Schedules subject to change without notice


Authors Booth

Eric Naguski and Tim Jacobs 9:45
Jake Villwock and Ann Miller 11:00
Kevin Feenstra and Al Ritt 12:45
Landon Mayer and Jim Dufresne 2:15

Casting Pond Demos

9:45 - Bill Mangan: Specialty Presentation Fly Casts

11:00 - Landon Mayer: Mastering the Short Game: Casting Tips for Fish at Close Range

12:45 - Nick Conklin: The L.A.S.T. Method: How to LAST longer on the water with your two-handed rod

2:15 - George Daniel: Back to Basics

3:30 - Mark Hendricks: Fly Casting Simplified


Fly Tying Bleachers Demo

9:45 - Tim Flagler: A Different Parachute Method from 12s to 24s

11:00 - George Daniel: Guide Streamers

12:15 - Todd Schotts: Trout and Bass Flies by Griz

1:30 - Jake Villwock: Tumbling Crayfish

2:45 - Tim Flagler: Flies for Swinging

4:00 - Eric Naguski: Flies for the Spring Creeks of Pennsylvania


Seminars – Gym

9:45 - Landon Mayer: Guide Flies: Learn How to Fish Simple Patterns For Tough Trout

11:00 - Tim Flagler: What Trout Like to Eat & Flies to Feed Them

12:45 - George Daniel: Intro to Euro

2:15 - Eric Naguski: Fishing with Ghosts: A Central Pennsylvania Primer

3:30 - Jake Villwock: Advanced Tactics for Smallmouth Bass


Seminars – Macomb Room

11:15 - Chad Brown: Buying the Up-North Waterfront Dream

12:45 - Ann Miller: Entomology: What You Need to Know

2:15 - Kevin Feenstra: Using Flashy Flies for Steelhead, Trout, Smallmouth & More


Seminars – Salmon Bleachers

9:45 - George Daniel: Strip Set 2.0

11:15 - Eric Naguski: Pennsylvania Dry Fly Opportunities: Overview of the Best Rivers and Hatches

12:45 - Tim Flagler: An Introduction to Trout Spey

2:15 - Jerry Reagan: What I've Learned After a Million Flies

3:45 - Landon Mayer: Trout Tips: Secrets & Tactics for Fishing Dries, Nymphs and Streamers


Seminars – Trout Room

10:00 - Jake Villwock: Cracking the Spring Creek Code

11:15 - Wayne McGee: The Fabled Almanac River of Bristol Bay, Alaska

12:45 - Austin Conrad: Southern Musky